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My 7 day Anti Candida Cleanse in Koh Chang

My 7 day Anti Candida Cleanse experience at The Spa Koh Chang Resortnowadays food

If you have had previous experience in fasting and feel that you can take on the 7 day anti Candida cleanse then I say why not, go for it!

In today’s modern society of the food and medical industry one can’t help but wonder if I have this or if I have that and how do we really know?

I feel it is important for us to put our health matters into our own hands and start listening to what our bodies are telling us. What does your body tell you, without over thinking or self diagnosing from the internet?

Starting off with a good cleanse is the first step towards taking action as it allows for you to push the reboot button to your system.

I chose to complete the 7 day anti candida cleanse because I was looking for something deeper and it was what my body was telling me to. After careful consideration of my dietary habits, what my gut feels, and my prior fasting experience I knew I could at least try it out.

Fasters are to meet every morning at 7am by the colema center for a check – up. You kick start off with a detox drink and a check up on your blood pressure. This is a great time to meet fasters and share experiences. These meetings of warm greetings, laughter and cheer motivate and support you on your journey. It is beautiful that we get to meet all walks of life. Interesting at what handshakes, smiles and hugs can do to warm the spirit.

You are given a schedule of the detox plaAnti Candida Drinkn and this helps guest on when to take; detox drinks, supplements and colonic irrigations.  I am personally not a fan of the psylium husk and bentonite clay detox drink with water, unless there is pineapple juice added but on the candida cleanse – it is without. So with a few faces and laughter from the resort staff, I downed it quickly enough until the next round. There is also the magic portion drink which I like to call it, that accompanies you on this fast. It contains milk thistle and grape seed extract. This can be strong to the system and often hear fasters say that it makes them extremely nauseas. Luckily I did not feel this way.

Personally I enjoy doing colonic irrigations. On the candida fast, you complete the coffee in the morning and in the afternoon the garlic. Both are great for our systems.

I find colonic irrigations therapeutic. A chance to practice deep breathing and releasing. This release is not only an actual gut system release but an emotional one to. I often find myself thinking what a “holy” experience, as this is what you body feels; it is getting a “holy cleanse”. A new chance given to our temple bodies.  Afterwards you feel lighter and so good, your body vibration has gone up a level.

Flush away the dead and old, Welcome in the new you.

The Spa offers a relaxing and supported environment safe for you to complete your cleanse. There is beautiful nature all around the spa… The amazing colors in flowers, the different sounds, sights and smells of wildlife are for take in. GO for a walk, take a bicycle ride, for a kayak paddle, and meditate.  Openly experience the difference in air and really come to relax into your body. Your body adjusts naturally on these cleanses, therefore the rest is essential along with drinking water when it comes to  cleanses so give yourself the deserved break. Slow down naturally at the Spa. Allow for your body to go through the change. So best to take one day at a time and listen to what your body is telling you as it undergoes a deep cleanse. A reminder is that the will to practice natural healthier living is something built up over time with patience.

A great way to release toxins from our muscles, organs, and skin cells and build the blocks of restoration and care for our bodily system is to go for a peaceful melt away herbal steam room or infrared sauna session and/or a muscle relaxant massage.

The Natural Spa - spa resort Thailand
Massage and Spa Treatment – The Natural Spa

Something that the Spa offers is a wide range of nutritional documentaries to watch, which is held often on Wednesdays but it can be open for discussion amongst fasters. So, if you are interested to learn more about cleansing and making better healthier lifestyle choices then information is provided to help assist.

Upon breaking the fast with papaya, which it felt like a reward; I began to feel like mindfulness, education, awareness and appreciation is getting developed on the healthier choices we come to create.

I wish everyone a happy, healing and healthy journey on their fasting experience. 😀


Writer:  Tonneel Jade Jansen, Guest Relation Manager

Date 26 May 2016


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