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Renovation Period – Discount

October Promotion


Dear our valued guests

We are offering a discount on the room rates during 17 – 26 October 2016. Due to our necessity to renovate the wooden pool deck, we choose the above dates for our work. The pool and all facilities are STILL OPEN for usage. The renovation would only take place in the deck around the swimming pool, so the pool itself can be used. There will also be some other minor fixing in other area of the resort.

The construction works will inevitably generate loud noise. We will, however try our best to minimize the noise.


Room with Breakfast included (1-2 person / room/night)

Upper Hill Cottage @ 2,100 Baht (from 2,720 Baht)

Single Hill Cottage @ 1,900 Baht (from 2,520 Baht)

Lower Hill Cottage @ 1,700 Baht (from 2,304 Baht)

Oriental Room @ 1,150 Baht (from 1,480 Baht)


Room without Breakfast for health package joiner (1-2 person/ room/night)

Upper Hill Cottage @ 1,800 Baht (from 2,400 Baht)

Single Hill Cottage @ 1,600 Baht (from 2,200 Baht)

Lower Hill Cottage @ 1,400 Baht (from 2,040 Baht)

Oriental Room @ 850 Baht (from 1,343 Baht)




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