From our pool and gym to steam baths and infrared sauna's, we've thought of everything to complete your stay.

Reception Area :

Welcome to The Spa Koh Chang Resort. At our open area of reception, we are very much pleased to serve you our best service. Please do not hesitate to let us know if there is something we can help……see you soon!!! Working Hours 7.00 am to 10.00 pm

Herbal Steam Bath :

Our little rock cabin topped with wooden shingle roof can serve you with various  Thai herbs and the proper temperature steam. You will feel fresh, relaxed, sweaty. Your internal toxin could be eliminated from the skin. Moreover, the skin can be rubbed with a natural fiber, which could help you with a better flowing of lymphatic drainage system. It is great to soak yourself or shower with cool or room-temperature water to maintain your body temperature.

Far Infrared Sauna :

Dry heat raisea up your body temperature from inside. This is a highly effective process for body cleansing. The ultrasonic frequency of infrared wave has almost the same frequency as the fluid inside human bodies that will lead to an internal tissue vibration. Thus, the attachment of toxin molecule will be loosed and dumped out of the body tissue to blood steam, waiting for being got rid off from your body.

Far Infrared Sauna


Swimming pool :

The naturally-treated swimming pool, sized 8×20 square meter with raised Jacuzzi bath and SPA jets for muscular massage. We use sea salt for water treatment. No chlorine (chemical) added for your healthy skin and prevent the damage on your respiratory system caused by the effect of chlorine intake. Soaking in the seasalt water in the pool is the most relaxing period and some minerals will be exchanged through your skin.


Mini Fitness :

Work out for your muscle and gett rid of internal toxin with our outdoor workout instrument on the Mini Fitness Sala (Building).