The 3.5 days semi fasting program is a simple reliable and effective fasting program for everyone who needs to have their body and mind cleansed. We provide 3 options for the 3.5 days semi fasting program and  packages as the below details:

The 3.5 days Semi Fasting Detox 

4n5d Better New Life Fasting Detox Retreat

9n10d Detoxify Fasting Retreat Package



Fasting detox 3.5 days program is an introductory for those who have less time. The minimum of 4 nights is required . You need to add extra supportive such as massage, yoga, steam bath and stomach massage extra. Or choose the below package instead.


Minimum Stay: 4 nights

Mangrove view




A bundled package of 3.5 days semi-fast with daily support activities. An economical choice for a fulfilling healthy holiday.

Minimum Stay: 4 nights



Designed for those who would like to do the 3.5-day semi-fast kind of program for 7 days. The Semi Fast is an easier version of the fasting program by comparing to the full 7 days one. For example, 3 times of Detox drinks instead of 5 times and 1 time of Colon cleansing instead of 2 times.

Minimum Stay: 9 nights