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3.5 Day Semi Fast Detox

฿ 9,892 Baht/person

The 3.5-day fasting detox program is an introductory for those who have less time. A minimum of 4 nights is required although we recommend 5-6 nights for pre-cleanse and post-cleanse meals at our restaurant. It is an easy and effective way to clean your body and mind in a short stay.

​What are included

  • Detox program introduction

  • Instruction on  setting up colon cleanse  session

  • Daily intestinal cleansers & herbal nutrition (20 caps per day) 

  • Daily 3 specially-prepared detox drinks 

  • Daily 1 flora grow pro-biotic capsule  

  • Daily 1 colon cleansing using our “colema board” enema system (self-administration) 

  • Daily: liver flush drink, 2 veggie broth soups, 1 carrot juice & 1 coconut water 

  • Your own personal colema tip + lubricating gel

  • A special replacement lactobacteria implant enema to break the fast 

  • 2 flora grow lactobacteria/acidophilus drinks to assist in breaking the fast 

  • Some natural herbal laxative tea (only take if needed 2nd Day after the fast) 

  • Alkaline water for increasing body pH before and during the fast 

  • Electrolyte water for electrolyte replacement 

* the price is for the program only, no accommodation included

** minimum stay: 4 nights

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