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7 days Anti Candida Fasting Program

18,800 Baht/person   Minimum 8 nights stay

The Anti-Candida Cleanse is a 7-day program, the ultimate Kick-Start to overcoming Candida & rebalancing your entire system,


Anti Candida 7 days Fasting Retreat The Anti-Candida Cleanse, is specifically designed to help people who are suffering from a Candida imbalance. This 7-day cleanse can make quite an impact on the Candida population living in your body & very effectively start the process of returning it to good health. However, you will have to continue clearing out & rebalancing your body for a period of time afterward.


This 7-day cleanse can make quite an impact on the Candida population living in your body & very effectively start the process of returning it to good health. You will, however, have to continue clearing out & rebalancing your body, for a period of time afterward


Understanding Candidiasis by Jem Friar N.C.

What it is: Candida albicans is a yeast normally found in us. However, candida becomes a serious problem when it is not balanced or controlled by friendly bacteria. When this occurs, not only does it take over the digestive tract, but it converts into an aggressive fungus that borrows through the intestinal wall & can then live throughout the body! In this way, it becomes Systemic Candidiasis.   


At this stage, people often develop sensitivities to milk products, wheat & yeast, as well. Systemic Candidiasis can be very frustrating, tiring debilitating in its own right. (Candida is known to release up to 79 different toxins). However, if not dealt with, the constant challenge to your immune system can eventually lead to further more debilitating illnesses, such as Chronic Fatigue.



Antibiotic overuse (or consumption of antibiotics through eating nonorganic meat products);

Diets high in refined carbohydrates (especially Sugar);

Use of Steroids; oral contraceptives; stimulants; alcohol; stress; lowered immune system. Possible Symptoms Include: Abdominal bloating; flatulence; altered bowel habit; irritable bowel – recurrent diarrhea or constipation; anal & vulval itch; sugar cravings; brain fog, mental depression, poor concentration & poor short term memory; lethargy & fatigue; food intolerance; canker sores or white spots in the mouth; wheat & milk allergy/sensitivity; recurrent fungal skin conditions e.g. athletes foot; tiredness (especially 20-30 minutes after meals with sugar/ bread/ alcohol/ yeast).


Tests :

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to verify whether someone has systemic candidiasis through traditional testing methods. Probably the most accurate test is a urine test for organic acids, but it is very expensive. The ethanol test & the hydrogen breath test can also be useful, but again may be expensive. One of the most simple & accurate tests, however, is the Candida questionnaire. This can be fairly indicative of the degree to which you may or may not be suffering from a Candida overgrowth. What to do about it after the Anti-Candida Cleanse: To clear the body of excess candida, you must approach it from the following 5 directions: Diet, Nutritional Supplements, Anti Fungal Supplements, Pro-Biotics Supplements, and Intestinal Healing  Supplements.


A Complete Anti-Candida program should include all 5 of these approaches, to fully clear the body of a candida overgrowth. It is advisable to see a naturopath, to help with this.

The “Candida Cleanse” is a 7-day program (Min 8-night stay)

The ultimate Kick-Start to overcoming Candida & rebalancing your entire system includes:


What’s included in the program : (no accommodation included,) See Accommodation

  • Introduction to the Spa & how to start the fast VDO.  Assistance & other needed fasting advice when required.  Daily Meditation 08.00-08.30 am (subject to Instructor availability) 

  • Intestinal cleansers & Herbal nutrition capsules to be taken 5 times per day 

  • 5 specially-prepared Candida Detox drinks daily 

  • 1 small bottle of Herbal Candida drink daily 

  • 1 Green Anti Candida Drink daily 

  • 2 flora grow capsules daily   Twice daily colon cleansing

  • (1 coffee, 1 Garlic) using our colema board enema system (self-administration) 

  • Your own personal colema tip + lubricating gel 

  • A special replacement lactobacteria/acidophilus implant enema to break the fast. 

  • 2 Flora Grow lactobacteria/acidophilus drinks also to assist in breaking the fast 

  • Natural laxative herbal tea (only taken if needed 2nd Day after the fast) 

  • Filtered water and Alkaline Water in the Colema Center for drinking. 

  • A complimentary steam bath on arrival or to take whenever you wish.

  • *Please note: The program is 2950 Baht per day if you do less than 7 days