7 days Full Fasting DetoxProgram & Packages 

The 7 days full fasting program is a master phase of cleansing, the most effective detox program. We provide 3 options as :

7 days Fasting Detox Program 

8n9d You’ve Changed My Life Detox Package

9n10d Clean Me Out Detox Package 


The Full fasting detox retreat program for the most effective cleansing. The ultimate cleansing & rejuvenation of your entire system for The Spa 's first timers! 

No Accommodation 


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7 Days fasting program with all needed supportive : Minimum 8 nights stay

No Accommodation



The ultimate in fasting programs. For those who've decided it's time to do something POSITIVE about their health. It's really a powerful way to eliminate toxins from the bloodstream, build immunity and cleanse your liver and intestinal systems!

No Accommodation