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9n10d Anti-Candida Fasting Detox retreat 28,800 Baht/Person

The ultimate Kick-Start to overcoming Candida & rebalancing your entire system,

the Anti-Candida Cleanse is a 7 day program.


Fasting Detox retreat Anti-Candida Package Package only rate costs 28,800 Baht/person

(no accommodation included)


This 7 day cleanse can be really helpful for beginning the process of overcoming Systemic Candidiasis in a powerful & effective way. Due to the high levels of antibiotics & steroids intake, & many aspects of today’s unnatural diet & lifestyle, there are an increasing number of people suffering with Candida overgrowth. The “Ultimate Kick-Start” to overcoming Candida & rebalancing your entire system. This is a 7 day program,that aims to turn the tide against the debilitating effects of Systemic Candidacies.


What’s included in the program : (no accommodation included) (See Accoomdation)

  • 7 Days Anti-Candida Fasting Program 

  • Orientation about detoxification program 

  • Alkaline forming food coupon for pre-cleanse and post cleanse(3,200 baht) 

  • Massage and Spa Treatment Coupon 4,500 bath 

  • 7 times of Yoga & Meditation class 

  • 7 times of Herbal steam bath or far-infrared sauna 

  • 7 times of Ampuku Abdominal massage 

  • Free round trip transfer: Ferry Pier/Resort

Candida Fasting Program Description: 

  • Introduction to the Spa & how to start the fast VDO.  Assistance & other needed fasting advice when required. 

  • 30 intestinal cleansers & herbal nutrition tablets taken 5 times per day (15 each). 

  • 5 specially prepared Candida Detox drinks daily 

  • 1 small bottle of specially-prepared Herbal Candida drink daily 

  • 1 Green Anti-Candida Drink daily 

  • 2 flora grow capsules daily 

  • Twice daily colon cleansing (1 coffee, 1 Garlic) using our “colema board” enema system 

  • Your own personal colema tip + lubricating gel 

  • A special replacement lactobactiria/acidophilus implant enema to break the fast 

  • 2 flora grow lactobactiria/acidophilus drinks also to assist breaking the fast 

  • Some natural laxative herbal tea (only take if needed 2nd Day after the fast) 

  • Filtered water and alkaline water in the Colema Center for drinking