THe SPA KohChang Resort with

The Environmental Friendly Management

We are proud to offer you the most environmental friendly management in  all services provided. Some examples as: .

1. In Hotel rooms 

- Please insert the room key tag into the socket for turning the main electric on.

- Air condition is always set up in 25 degree Celcious with electrical fan, mosquitoes sreen in all windows and doors are for those who prefer the fresh air and normal room temperature. Please have them closed properly when turn on air conditioner

- If you do not need to use the refigerator you can switch off to avoid the lould noise occured when the compressure is working.

- The linin bed and towels will be changed when you need by placing the linin changed notice sign on he bed.

- 2  free glass bottles of drinking water a day are provided, please do not put the empty bottle in to the bin beacuse it is the reused one.

- No any plastic bag for gabage bin except in the toilet .

- Big dispensers for shower gel, shampoo, hair conditioner in bath room to aviod waste  used small containers.

- Brown or color towels need no bleaching agent to make them whiter.

- The cloth slippers would be cleaned and reused.

- Flowers in room  always come from our garden.

2 In the restaurant 

- No Plastic straw been used  just reused cleaned stainless stell straws provided, 

- Drinking water always served in a jar or a cooler but a disposible bottle or a take a way drinking water is provided as needed.

- Our menu could be ordered as preference about ingredients, condiment,  how spicy, size  to avoid the waste from foods.

- All glasss, plates, spoons, folks, cups are recleaned and reused.

3.In the public areas

-Most of the public areas have no air condition but electrical fans for the natural fresh air.

- All light bubles are LED.

- Many green trees , plants and flowers in the resort .

4. Salted swimming pool : Just normal salt with the chlorinated machine ( made chlorine from salt ) , A very small amoount of pure chlorine compound is added for killing some bacteria only.

5. Waste products management.

- Reduce using plastic bags , plastic bottles, plastic straws, 

- Reuse:  used office paper for sanitary bags,  spoiled bed linin or towels for hankerchife in front of the public toilets, spioled towel for cleaning cloth in the kitchen and house keeping use.

- Making natural fertilizer from leaves and branch, making fermneted enzyme water from fresh fruits waste.