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Ask for availabilities at

the reception


Monday 12.00 pm-3.00 pm

white sand beach

(the main town of Kohchang ) for an excellent swimming beach, shopping, or bank issue. Our shuttle bus leaves the spa at noon and drops you at 7/11 near KC grand hotel and leaves from there to thespa at 3.00 pm. 

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Thamayom waterfall

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White Sand Beach
(Main town of Kohchang)

Tuesday 2.00pm - 4.00 pm

Thanmayom waterfall national park

For the main waterfall on the east side of Kohchang which is a part of Kohchang national park,

you need to pay an entrance fee 

Thai people cost 40 baht/person

Non-Thai people cost 200 baht/person

The spa offers a free shuttle bus round trip.

Wednesday 4.00 pm-5.00 pm

This mangrove walkway is a snaking concrete monster that was built by the local authorities to allow lazy arsed folks the chance to take some photos of mangroves without making too much effort and is one of the unnatural wonders of southeast Koh Chang. The idea of the mangrove walkway is on the face of it an admirable one, to give visitors to the island the chance to explore a mangrove forest on foot via a walkway on stilts.

Wat Salak Phet is the most famous and most colorful Buddhist temple on Koh Chang island. Associated with his appearance in Salak Phet village to visit Koh Chang King Rama V more than 100 years ago, Wat Salak Phet historical and cultural landmark of the island. 

Mangrove Salakphet

Mangrove walkway

Wat Salak Phet Temple

Wat Salak Phet Temple

Lighthouse Salakphet

Thursday 4.00pm-5.00pm

Salak Phet Lighthouse is Located in the southeast. Koh Chang with Ao Salakphet Ao Salak Phet is the most beautiful sunrise of Koh Chang. And they can also be seen as elephants. Ao Salakphet There is no beach to swim. But ... suitable for touching the villagers of Koh Chang who continue their fishing career. Salak Phet Bay is a gulf of Koh Chang. Surrounding both the island and the Gulf of Thailand, Salak Phet Bay is the best place to escape from the wind, storm or monsoon. This is a good evening.

Lighthouse Salakphet

Friday  4.00pm - 5.00 pm

Salak Kok Fisherman village Bike tour

Salak kok village is a fisherman village close to the Spa located on a part of Salak kok bay where community-based tourism (Wooden boat in Salak Kok bay takes place) is about 1.5 km far from the spa. Visiting the village by bike is the most enjoyable activity. And if you wish to join a wooden boat trip it will cost 200 baht/person but in the appointment basis

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Morning sunrise trip

6.00  am - 7.30 am  (ask for the availability)

if you can wake up a bit earlier In the morning,

we will take you to the most beautiful spectacular viewpoint on a small hill of wat Pa Rong Tan temple at Salak Pet Bay. You will experience the 270-degree view of the Salakpet bay with the background of sunrise up on the mountain around. Please ask for available of the driver or you can drive yourself there as well.

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