The Art of a Healthy Good Meal


Eat yourself healthy in an idyllic atmosphere of sea and lush tropical rain forest

Open daily from 7 am-9.30 pm.

Ingredient Management:

We are famous for the best vegetarian, vegan and healthy food on Koh Chang. The selection of dishes in our Radiance Restaurant has been designed by the concept of the balanced diet from Alkaline-forming food. We believe this concept is one of the best disease prevention for human’s body. It works exceptionally well with the overall concept of The Spa Koh Chang Resort, a happy healthy time for our guests.

  • Vegan & Vegetarian

  • Raw Food (Vegan)

  • Breakfast in style with fresh and delicious Gourmet vegetable

  • Thai Specialties, world’s famous Thai cuisine with healthy cooking style

  • Fresh Seafood and Chicken Menu (We serve only white meat i.e. chicken, fish and seafood)

  • Salad & Soup & Sandwiches/Burger

  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Juice (no coloring, no sugar and no ice and they are all FRESH !!)

  • Fruit Shake (Great variety to choose from)

  • Raw and cooked healthy dessert & Vegan Homemade Ice Cream

The Spa Radiance Restaurant
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits from Doi Kum, the Royal Project (specializing in organic/ pesticide-free vegetables)

  • Unpolished rice, whole wheat bread, olive oil, apple vinegar, no monosodium glutamate or artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives added

  • Sugar free juice, carrot juice, pineapple juice, apple juice, melon juice, made with the special preserved enzyme juicer (Low Speed Green Juicer)

  • Fresh seafood from the Salak Kok fishing man village

  • Incorporating Low Carbon Food practice by sourcing as many local ingredients as possible to deliver fresh and environmentally friendly food to our diners

  • We use fresh fruits and vegetable for all of our smoothies. Some honey might be added to some but definitely not industrially polished sugar or other sweetening chemicals

  • We grow some of our own ingredients to make sure that these raw ingredients are 100% chemical free. Those are for example, wheat grass, Thai herbs such as basil, lemongrass, chili etc

  • Though a large selection of menu are vegetarian/vegan, we also serve non-vegetarian dishes for alternatives. We only include white meat i.e; chicken, fish and seafood into our dishes. Red meat such as pork or beef is not only giving a hard work to your digestive system, but also a host of variety of bacteria and parasites