Swimming Pool

Sea-Salt Swimming Pool

The naturally-treated swimming pool,

sized 8×20 square meter with raised Jacuzzi bath and SPA jets for muscular massage.


We use sea salt for water treatment.

No chlorine (chemical) added for your healthy skin and prevent the damage on your respiratory system caused by the effect of chlorine intake. Soaking in the sea-salt water in the pool is the most relaxing period and some minerals will be exchanged through your skin.

Enjoying your sun bathing


and perhaps a read at the sunbath decks around the pool.

Towels are provided and

you can also enjoy the healthy drink/smoothies from the Radiance restaurant.

A swim or soak after Thai herbal steam bathing or infrared sauna is also refreshing and go along well with detox program.

Benefits of Sea Salt Bath ;

considered as one of the body’s natural therapeutic method for many, sea salt is hosting an array of beneficial minerals. It helps to promote not only health but also beauty and healing. We use the naturally extract sea salt, which involves the evaporation of sea water by sun heat.

  • Potassium : Good for moisturizing your skin and making it healthy and glowing

  • Bromides : Strengthen your muscle and tone as well as a good prevention for muscle cramps and pain reliever

  • Sodium : Improve the circulatory system by regulating blood pressure and fixing the irregular heart beats.

  • Magnesium : Improve skin hydration, tone and texture

The spa swimming pool