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Yoga retreat One Week


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Morning Hatha Yoga (Everyday)

Start your day with our Morning Hatha Yoga class, perfect for all levels. Our simple, gentle stretches are designed to be easily practiced at home, ensuring you can maintain flexibility, balance, and well-being every day. Join us and bring the benefits of yoga into your daily routine.

Time : Everyday, 08.00 - 09.15 am

Price: 400 Baht/person

Navy Beach Chilling (Monday) 

Enjoy a complimentary trip to Navy Beach, a tranquil oasis just 20 minutes from The Spa Koh Chang Resort. Spend some relaxing time on this serene beach, perfect for unwinding and soaking up the sun. Join us for a peaceful beach getaway.

25 minutes drive from the resort, we will take you to one of Koh Chang's most liked beach due to its long sandy beach (if water tide is not too high!). You can also buy some food and drinks at the beach.

Time : Monday, 12.00-15.00 pm

Price : Free of charge

Fisherman Village Cycling (Monday) FREE!

Join us for an enchanting evening cycling experience through local fisherman villages, accompanied by English-speaking staff. Explore traditional fisherman houses, and witness the authentic lifestyle of the community. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the serene Salak Khok Bay as the sun sets, creating an unforgettable and picturesque journey.

Time : Monday, 16.00-17.00 ( 8 KMs total)

Price : Free of charge

Cultural Journey to Temple (Tuesday and Saturday) FREE!

Explore Thai culture and spirituality with our friendly guides. Discover local temples adorned with interesting wall arts depicting tradition Buddha’s life and learn the merit making concept. Don't miss supporting local vendors offering delicious fruits and refreshing drinks. Immerse yourself in Thailand's essence with us.

Time : Tuesday & Saturday, 15.00 - 16.00 pm

Price : Donation to temple at your will

Mangrove Walk (Wednesday) FREE!

A 10 minutes drive to Salak Phetch village is followed by 20 minutes walk on the red wooden walkway, journey through thick mangrove for a spectacular view of Salak Phetch bay at the end of the way. Walk back the same way (750 m/way). Another attraction of Salak Phetch village, Lighthouse bridge is a perfect place for afternoon walks and jogs, using by locals as both exercising place and harbor for local fishing.

Time : Wednesday, 16.00-17.00 pm

Price : Free of charge

Wai Chaek Beach Trail Walk (Thursday)

A 4-kilometer walk up and down small hills and crossing canals (usually takes 60-75 minutes) will take you to Wai Chaek beach, a secret gem of Koh Chang. You will have some time to relax, swim in the ocean and enjoy calm evening vibes before walking back to the starting point (8 KM in total).

Time : Thursday, 14.00 - 17.35 pm

Price: 700 Baht/person (minimum 2 ppl)

White Sand Beach Excursion (Friday) FREE!

Our resort car will take you up and down hills to one of Koh Chang's best spots for beach chillaxing. The sandy beach is long, good for swimming. The drive takes 30 minutes/way.

Time: Friday, 12.00 - 15.00 pm

Price : Free of charge

Thanmayom Waterfall (Sunday)

Discover the natural wonders of Koh Chang with our exclusive excursion to Thanmayom National Park Waterfall, just a quick 10-minute drive from the resort. Here, you can marvel at one of the island's largest waterfalls, surrounded by lush tropical beauty. National park entrance fee is 40 Baht for Thai and 200 Baht for foreigner.

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