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A Tranquil Cycling Journey
to Salak Khok's Heart

Bike, Breathe, and Behold;

At The Spa Koh Chang Resort, we believe in offering more than just a retreat; we provide an immersive experience that extends beyond the sanctuary of our wellness haven. One of our highlights, the free cycling trip to the nearby Salak Khok fisherman village, encapsulates the essence of exploration, cultural richness, and the serene beauty of Koh Chang.

Date and Time: Complementary guide tour - every Monday 4.30-5.30 pm. Otherwise, bicycles can be taken any time and we have a map provided for you.

Duration: 1 hour

Difficulty: easy

Price:  Free !

fisherman village koh chang thailand.jpg

Embarking on a Cultural Odyssey

The journey begins with a leisurely 10-minute ride to the heart of the Salak Khok community – the revered temple that stands as a testament to the village's rich history. This temple, once graced by the presence of King Rama V during the colonial era, is not merely a religious site; it's a living testament to the pride and heritage of the Salak Khok villagers.

local fisherman koh chang.jpg

A Glimpse into Traditional Fisherman Life


After absorbing the cultural vibrancy of the temple, our cycling adventure takes a stroll through the nearby community, where traditional fisherman's houses line the streets. Here, guests have the unique opportunity to witness the daily life of the villagers, gaining insights into their time-honored traditions and a glimpse into the harmony between man and sea.

beautiful fisherman village koh chang

Journey to the Bay's Serenity 


Continuing our cycling escapade, we pedal another scenic 10 minutes to reach the end of the road, where the bay reveals its mesmerizing beauty. The small port, buzzing with the activity of local fishermen boarding their vessels, marks the gateway to the tranquil mouth of the bay. As the waves dance with the evening light, guests can revel in the serenity of this breathtaking panorama, offering the perfect setting to wind down from the day's adventures.

village cycling koh chang_edited.png

As the sun sets over the bay, casting a warm glow on the waters, our cycling journey becomes more than just a physical activity; it transforms into a soulful exploration, allowing guests to absorb the cultural tapestry of Salak Khok while experiencing the tranquility that defines Koh Chang. Join us on this enchanting cycling odyssey, and let the hidden gems of Salak Khok weave their magic into your wellness retreat at The Spa Koh Chang Resort.

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