Kayak Station

Kayaking with us

Searching for the secret gem of Koh Chang; kayaking is a fun and active way to explore the island’s most abundant mangrove forest and traditional fisherman village of Salak Khok. During the time of high tide, you can kayak right from the kayak station at the front of our resort and come back to the same spot. Be thrilled to the serenity of the  greenery atmosphere and trigger the quest of peace within you.

With all safety gears provided and a little precaution, this is a safe activity for everyone to enjoy. Of cause for the most concerned problem, there are no crocodiles !

kayak salak kok

Salak Khok fisherman village

is Thailand’s famous community based tourism. We are using sustainable tourism as a tool to conserve this piece of forest as well as the traditional lifestyle of the fishermen. Unlike some other communities in Thailand or even in Koh Chang, the villagers of Salak Khok continue to have fishing as their main survival tool to conserve the old way of life from generation to generation, rather than giving in to tourism and change the way of life forever.

Explore this secret gem of Koh Chang with us.

fisherman village salak kok