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Hiking to the Summit of
Khao Laem Mountain

Embarking on an Unforgettable Adventure:

Nestled on the tranquil island of Koh Chang, the allure of Khao Laem Mountain beckons to those seeking a thrilling and immersive adventure. With a local guide born and raised in the nearby village, this hiking experience promises not only breathtaking views but also a deep connection to the island's natural wonders.

Duration: 5-7 hours in total (2.5-3.5 hrs for ascending and 1.5-2 hrs for descending)

Difficulty: medium - high (must be reasonably fit to complete)

Gear: trekking shoes, backpack for water and lunch, insect repellent

Price: 2550 Baht/person 

hiking koh chang day trip.jpg

Starting the Journey

Your expedition begins with a brief ten-minute car ride from the resort to the trailhead. As you embark on this exciting excursion, the anticipation builds, and you're already surrounded by the island's lush greenery. The convenience of this transport sets the tone for an accessible yet exhilarating adventure. For the first part of the trek, you will be guided through fruits orchard and rubber plantation, owned by the locals of Koh Chang. 

hiking koh chang

 Guided by a Local Expert

What makes this hike truly exceptional is the company of your local guide. Born and raised in the nearby village, your guide is not just knowledgeable about the terrain but also deeply connected to the island's natural environment. As you ascend Khao Laem, your guide will share insights into the island's biodiversity, the fascinating plant and animal species, and the unique ecology that defines this region.

trekking in Koh Chang jungle.jpg

The Ascent to the Summit

The hike to Khao Laem's summit is an adventure of its own, taking approximately 2 to 3.5 hours to ascend, depending on your level of fitness. The journey through the thick jungle involves a slightly beaten track, offering exciting challenges like small climbs and rope pulling. It's a perfect opportunity for mindfulness, allowing you to detox with nature, leaving behind the stresses of daily life.

Jungle trek in Koh Chang.jpg

Breathtaking Panoramas

Upon reaching the pinnacle of Khao Laem Mountain, the view that awaits is nothing short of spectacular. The vantage point provides an awe-inspiring panorama of Koh Chang's coastal beauty. As you gaze out over the island's rugged terrain and the vast expanse of the sea, you'll appreciate the magnitude of the journey and the pristine natural beauty that this region offers.

Khao Laem Best Trekking Route Koh Chang Thailand.jpg

Lunch at the Summit

After the challenging yet rewarding ascent, you'll enjoy a well-deserved lunch at the mountain's summit. Take the time to capture memorable photos, rest, and savor the spectacular view of Koh Chang's southern sea, visible from both the east and west sides.

best viewpoint koh chang.jpg

A Connection to Nature

What sets this hiking experience apart is the connection to the island's rich biodiversity. It's not just about reaching the summit; it's about immersing yourself in the natural wonders that define Koh Chang. You'll have the opportunity to learn about the unique flora and fauna that inhabit this region, savoring the awe-inspiring biodiversity that Koh Chang has to offer.

biodiversity of koh chang.jpg

Creating Lasting Memories

Hiking to the top of Khao Laem Mountain isn't just an adventure; it's an opportunity to connect with nature in a profound way. The memories you create along the trail and at the summit will stay with you for a lifetime. It's an experience that combines the thrill of hiking with the richness of exploring the island's extraordinary biodiversity, leaving an indelible mark on your heart and soul.

So, if you're seeking an unforgettable adventure that celebrates the beauty of nature, mindfulness, and the remarkable biodiversity of Koh Chang, set your sights on Khao Laem Mountain. With a local guide as your companion, the journey to the summit becomes a once-in-a-lifetime experience, where the natural landscapes of Koh Chang meet the warm embrace of its local guide. Discover the magic of Khao Laem, and let your journey to the mountaintop begin.

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