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Updates on The Spa Koh Chang's
Eco-friendly Management

The Spa Koh Chang Resort takes climate change and global warming very seriously. We try our best to work out for balanced hotel management by factoring in different aspects for example; hygiene, energy efficiency, cost control, etc. There is of cause a long way to improve and suggestions are always welcome.

1. Accommodation

- Please insert the key tag into the socket for turning the main electricity on.

- Air condition is always set up at 25 degrees Celcius. An electrical fan can be requested by those who prefer fresh air and normal room temperature. Please have them closed properly when turning on the air conditioner.

- The linin bed and towels will be changed upon your request by placing a sign on the bed for our housekeepers.

- 2  free glass bottles of drinking water a day are provided. Please do not discard them in the bin because they are reusable bottles!

- No plastic bags are provided for the garbage bin except in the toilet. Our housekeeper will wash and dry them.

- Refill bottles for shower gel, shampoo, and hair conditioner are used in the bathroom to avoid wasteful use of small amenity containers.

- Brown or color towels need no bleaching agent to make them whiter.

- The cloth slippers would be cleaned and reused.

- Fresh decoration flowers in the room come straight from our garden.

2. The Spa Cafe

- The use of disposable plastic straws has been restated since the Covid 19 pandemic. We are, however, scheduled to replace all plastic straws with our reusable aluminum straws by the end of 2022. 

- Drinking water is always served in a jar or a cooler. Disposable bottles are, however, available for take-aways

- Takeaway cups for our beverages are biodegradable plastics.

3. Public areas

-Most of the public areas have no air conditioning but electrical fans for the natural fresh air.

- All light bulbs are energy-saving LED, while almost 100% of pathway lights are powered by solar energy.

- Many green trees, plants, and flowers in the resort.

4. Salted swimming pool

Just normal salt with the chlorinated machine (made chlorine from salt), A very small amount of pure chlorine compound is added for killing some bacteria only.

5. Waste products management

- Reduce using plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic straws, 

- Reuse:  used office paper for sanitary bags,  spoiled bed linen or towels for handkerchiefs in front of the public toilets, spoiled towels for cleaning cloth in the kitchen and for housekeeping use.

- Making natural fertilizer from leaves and branches, making fermented enzyme water from fresh fruit waste.

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