Detox Retreat and Packages

Our cleansing detox mechanism works best in the perfect surrounding of peaceful Koh Chang

The healing mechanism is based on the fasting principles of Dr.Richard Anderson, an alternative doctor from Nevada, USA. It starts once we stop eating and digesting. Our bodies switch to DETOXIFICATION MODE and remove parasites, toxins and potentially cancerous cells! This waste material is then dumped into the bloodstream for excretion through the Liver, Colon, lungs, and skin. Incidentally, you will be taking so many detoxifying drinks, cleansing herbs & nutritional herbs you will not get physically hungry at all! 

Apart from detox, we offer well-rounded wellness and weight loss retreat under the supervision of professional nutritionist and sport class instructors.
It's time to pay your body, mind, and spirit back what they deserve!

We offer several detox packages, differentiated by its length of the program, intensity and expected results. Three main programs are  (CLICK THE BELOW LINK FOR MORE DETAILS)

To determine which program or package is the best for you, we have well-trained reservation staffs to offer you information about each program needed for making the decision for your detox and wellness retreat holiday with us. We provide several supportive activities onsite such as massage and spa treatment performed by well-trained therapists. We ensure to deliver one of the best massages in Koh Chang. The spa treatment goes along very well with relaxing herbal steam bath and far infrared sauna. Moreover exercise classes such as yoga and meditation are offering a chance to be active during your stay. We are more than competent to make your detox retreat holiday a well-rounded and healthy one. Healthy vegetarian and vegan food and fruit juices from our famous Radiance restaurant and the green environment of the resort will make your detoxification process more comfortable and easier at the same time as being very efficient.

Mild Cleansing Detox Packages

For people who would like to have their bodies cleaned but do not wish to join the full fasting program, here are the options that you can choose from for a milder version of the cleansing program.  

The Spa Koh Chang Resort is the first health destination on the Island. We are located on the peaceful eastern side of Koh Chang, which is the perfect place for a quiet and healthy holidays of yours. With many years of experience, we are specializing in our detoxification program, which detox retreat is offered all year round on individual and group basis.

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