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Discover the Tranquil Side of

East Koh Chang

Calm and Local Vibes

Get ready to experience the calm and quiet charm of East Koh Chang. Tucked away from the tourist buzz, this part of the island is where the locals call home. Despite its laid-back atmosphere, you've got everything you need here – local eateries, grocery stores, a convenience shop, a general hospital, and even a police station. The positive vibes in this peaceful setting make it the ideal spot for relaxation and mindfulness.

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Greenery Galore

East Koh Chang is a green paradise, perfect for those who love nature. The surroundings are lush, fertile, and oh-so-refreshing. The roads are easygoing, with less traffic and scenic coastal drives. While some beaches might take a bit of effort to reach, like the hilly road to Long Beach or the less-than-perfect path to Waichaek, the payoff is unspoiled natural beauty. Waterfall lovers, you're in for a treat – plenty of them to explore, either on your own or with a little help from our friendly staff.

Local Vibes and Fresh Picks

Get a taste of authentic local life along the coast of East Koh Chang. Support the mom-and-pop shops, cafes, and souvenir stores run by the locals – they've got unique items like cool coconut shell souvenirs. If you're here in April-May, grab some freshly harvested tropical fruits from the locals. It's not just about exploring, it's about connecting with the real heart of Koh Chang and giving back to the community.

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Outdoorsy Fun for Everyone

East Koh Chang is an outdoor playground for couples and families alike. Hop on a wooden boat, paddle through mangroves with kayaking, trek to waterfalls and mountain spots, island-hop, and dive into the underwater wonders with snorkeling. Take a leisurely stroll on the nature trails, soak in the surroundings, and create some awesome memories. East Koh Chang is where nature meets simplicity – it's not just a place; it's an invitation to chill and soak up the local vibes.

Discover the hidden charm of East Koh Chang, where the calm and quiet atmosphere creates an authentic local experience. This less-explored part of the island offers everything you need, from local eateries to grocery stores, providing a peaceful backdrop for relaxation. Dive into lush greenery, explore scenic coastal drives, and embark on waterfall adventures. Engage with authentic fisherman communities, supporting local shops and savoring fresh tropical fruits. East Koh Chang is not just a destination; it's an invitation to simplicity, nature, and genuine local vibes.

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