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Hosting a Retreat

Welcome to The Spa Koh Chang Resort, your ideal partner for hosting a remarkable group retreat, wellness tour  and mindfulness training.

We collaborate with a diverse range of retreat hosts, yoga teacher training organizers, and tour operators to create unforgettable experiences for our guests. Our comprehensive services encompass in-bound transportation, comfortable accommodations, yoga facilities, and Thai and international healthy meals. Additionally, we offer captivating local excursions to explore the beauty of East Koh Chang.


Let us be your one-stop destination to craft a seamless and rejuvenating retreat for your group. Your journey to a memorable and meaningful experience begins with us.

Our Service


We've got your transportation needs covered. Whether you're arriving from the Bangkok airport or hotels, we can arrange private car, van, or bus services to whisk your group seamlessly to our tranquil resort. Your journey to relaxation begins the moment you step off the plane or leave your hotel, ensuring a stress-free start to your retreat with us.

White Minibuses
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Our resort offers a variety of 26 well-appointed rooms with en-suite bathrooms, ranging from standard rooms to private pool villas, all equipped with necessary amenities, including air conditioning, for your comfort and convenience. Whether you seek a comfortable space or a more private retreat, our diverse accommodations cater to your preferences, ensuring a pleasant and relaxing stay during your visit. We offer special deals for group leader/organizer as well.


You have the option to include meals in your retreat package. Our culinary offerings are versatile, featuring both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus, ensuring that every guest's dietary preferences are thoughtfully accommodated during your stay. Moreover, our commitment to sustainable dining includes ingredients sourced directly from our farm-to-fork garden and the freshest catches from the nearby fisherman village.

Group meals Koh Chang Restaurant
Yoga Shala Koh Chang

Yoga Facilities

There are two yoga halls that can be used for daily talks, practice or class. One is a big yoga shala, suitable for 20-30 people, while another is a smaller building by the mangrove bay, suitable for 10-15 people.  

Excursion / Community Tour

Experience Koh Chang like never before with our curated excursion tours at The Spa Koh Chang. Our eco-based tourism approach not only immerses you in the island's natural beauty but also supports local businesses and communities. Discover the essence of Koh Chang through visits to a fisherman village, rubber and coconut plantations, and a captivating real-life show of rubber milk tapping. Delve into the intricate art of coconut shell furniture creation. Venture into the heart of the island with treks to a secret beach and the Koh Chang mountain top. Your journey is not just a tour; it's an opportunity to engage with local life and promote sustainability while enjoying the stunning landscapes of this tropical paradise.

Fisherman village koh chang
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