Weight Loss Retreat

A Kick Start for a Desirable Body and Life

The spa juice

The program is designed to assist those who would like to have a kickstart in losing excess weight. The program itself does not serve as the final answer for perfect body and health. What comes after the program is also a very important element. Eating and living lifestyle after the program is a major determinant for how your body, weight and overall health condition will be. Factors such as healthy diet, enough exercise and rest are actually what is telling you how healthy and happy you will become. Joining our program will, however give you an idea for how to be healthy and happy from the living philosophy of The SPA Resorts.

What’s in the program and how does it work ?

A Choice of Fasting for Cleansing Detox :The participant will be joining the 3.5 days Semi-fast which is juice fasting with once-a-day colonic irrigation. The main purpose of fasting is for the body to get rid of the stored toxin that could be the cause of your body weight gain and prevent you from losing it. The nature of fasting program makes it easier to reduce the excess weight because by fasting, the participants will not be taking any solid food. Daily intakes are detox drinks, herbal supplement and sugar-controlled fruits and vegetable juices/soup.  Losing some weight is therefore a side benefits of the program. How much a person will lose cannot be guaranteed. Various factors are needed to be considered such as a person’s initial weight, body mass index, exercising etc.

During the fasting for cleansing period (lower energy level), slow and soft exercises or activities are encouraged, for example yoga and meditation, slow walk, steam bathing or infrared sauna. The benefit of these activities is not only for the calorie burning, but also for getting rid of the toxin through perspiration.

Then the participant will be on a diet-controlled program (eating fruits and vegetables both raw and cooked) together with a little more intense exercise such as kayaking, cycling, and jogging. For food control after the fast, we have a special selection of menu for you to choose for daily intake.

Throughout the course, sessions of anti-cellulite massage treatment will be spread evenly. The masseuse applies a special technique of massage with the help of anti-cellulite massage machine and special cellulite cream/oil to help you get rid of the excess cellulite from particular body parts such as thigh, stomach, and arms.

The daily exercise  and anti-cellulite treatment will be scheduled with our staff once you arrive here with us, for the convenience of both parties.

10 Days Weight Loss Retreat



What’s included

The spa detox drink


(Minimum Stay: 10 nights,  No accommodation)

What are Included in Package + Time Schedule :

Day 1: cleansing salads + 1 fruit plate + 1 liver flush drink

Day 2, 3, 4, 5: 1 x fruit/vegetable juices per day

Day 2, 3, 4, 5: 1 x fruit plate per day + 1 cleansing salad per day

Day 2, 3, 4, 5: 1 x wheatgrass shot, 1 x coconut water, 1 x Spirulina shake & 1 x vegetable broth soup (at night time)

Day 2, 3, 4, 5: 1 x detox drink

Day 1 – 8: 1 x flora grow tablet (pro-biotic or the good bacteria that you install back in your body)

Day 3, 5: Colema sessions

Day 6, 7, 8: 3 Days of Vegetable/Fruit Juice Fasting Program the semi fasting program (1 colema session per day)

Day 9: breaking the fast + 2 salad + 2 fruit plate

Day 10: post-fast meals

 Activities included in the package 

  • -Round trip transfer from Koh Chang ferry pier to The SPA Koh Chang Resort

  • -Package and program introduction + consultation throughout the course

  • -3 times anticellulile treatment

  • -5 times of meditation and yoga class (for additional class; yoga card is available)

  • -5 times of herbal steam bath or far sauna (for additional session; steam card is available)

  • -3 times of Ampugu abdominal massage

  • -Measurement on body, weight and blood pressure

  • -Free resort excurtion trip

What are Included in 3 Days Fasting Program

Daily intestinal cleansers & herbal nutrition (20 caps per day)

Daily 3 specially prepared Detox drinks consisting of Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk

Daily 1 flora grow pro-biotic capsule

Daily 1 colon cleansing using our ‘colema board’ enema system

Daily: 2 liver flush drinks, 2 veggie broth soups, 1 carrot juice & 1 coconut water

Instruction on how to do a colema board colon cleanse

Your own personal colema tip + lubricating gel

A special replacement lactobacteria implant enema to break the fast

2 flora grow lactobacteria/acidophilus drinks also to assist breaking the fast

Some natural herbal laxative tea (only take if needed 2nd Days after the fast)

Filtered drinking water in colema center

Alkaline water for increasing body pH before and during the fastr

Electrolyte water for electrolyte replace