Detox Thailand: The Spa Resort,Yoga Retreat and Health Destination in Koh Chang Thailand.

Detox Thailand : Fasting Cleanse Resort & Yoga Retreat 

Detox in style at The Spa Resort & Health retreat Koh Chang Thailand:

The Spa Koh Chang Resort is the first health destination, located on the peaceful part of Koh Chang. The famous Fasting for Cleansing Program is based on the principle of Dr.Richard Anderson, an alternative doctor from Nevada U.S.A. ( With many years of experience, we are certain that our place is suitable for all health-concerning people who need to revitalize their body, mind, and spirit. With some supportive activities such as massage therapy by well-trained therapists, herbal steam bath, far-infrared sauna, sea-salt treated swimming pool, and yoga class, we are competent to make your stay a well-rounded healthy holiday. Healthy vegetarian and vegan food and fruit juice from our famous Radiance restaurant and green environment of the resort will make your detoxification process more comfortable and easier, yet efficient. 

Yoga Retreat and Yoga Training Facility Hosting Yoga hall is well fitted for 30+ members of yoga retreat group or yoga teacher training group, together with the comfortable accommodation, healthy cuisine of vegetarian or vegan foods, swimming pool, and many green activities around the resort. Quiet and peacful environment will make sure that your retreat will a good foundation for inner development.

Weight Loss Retreat: This retreat is suitable for people who need to loos some weight and need some toxin be eliminated from the system.First step do the precleanse 1 day with alkaline forming food and special green drink then join the spacial designed 3.5 days semifasting program . And do post fasting with dietary controlled menu plus mild exercise such as yoga, walking, cycling or woringk out. Firmimg the body with anti-cellulite treatment. ..  Wow !!!! can't wait to see your new look......



 Dance4Joy: Chakra Healing is a fun, liberating and powerful therapeutic method 

combining free-form movement/dance therapy.       

 Detox Programs and Health Packages 


(3 Mains Fasting Programs )


- 4N5D A Better New Life Retreat Package

- 5N6D Semi fasting Retreat Package

- 8N9D Detox and Raw Retreat Package

- 9N10D Detoxify Retreat Pacakge


- 8N9D You've Changed My Life Retreat Package

- 9N10D Clean Me Out Retreat Package 


- 9N10D Anti Candida Retreat Package



- Wellness (Daily Yoga Retreat Package)

- 5N6D Juice It Retreat Package

- Raw Food Delight

-One Week Yoga Retreat

-Two weeks Yoga Retreat

- Dance for joy

-Special Green Adventure

- Weekend Special Package

- Weight Loss Retreat




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