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A spa resort created with passion in the most idyllic location we could find

About The Spa

This Detox Retreat and Spa resort in Koh Chang is the result of our passion to live a healthy lifestyle.

Our dreams of the Detox retreat and Spa resort come true : My husband, Kamthorn and I, Piranuch are health practitioners (I, myself am a Doctor of Dental Surgery). In our normal a about what we eat so that we do not consume red meat but only white meat mainly fish in our daily diet. We take extra care to the selection of food we choose to have every day and study cautiously what kind of food is nutritious for us.

This is how we come out with this well-intended the detox retreat and spa resort. We are proud to offer our guests the same type of physical and spiritual activity that we enjoy.

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" Get away from the hustle and Pamper yourself in the cocoon of serene nature "

Located at the end of Koh Chang's famous mangrove bay, we offer a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere among the idyllic greenery of eastern Koh Chang. The nearby village of Salak Khok and Salak Phet is a fisherman community where traditional life of fishermen can be seen.

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What our guests had to say

  • Emma Reed

    The Spa Koh Chang is a fantastic place to go for a body cleanse and detox, it's a wonderful environment to relax and switch off from the hustle and bustle and stress of daily life.Emma Reed - Anti-candida faster

  • Miguel Nunez

    We really enjoy our stay. It's a really relaxing place !!Miguel Nunez - Holiday guest

Facilities & Activities

You will love our facilities, we deliver everything you need to reach optimum pleasure, relaxation and health.

From our well staffed reception area you will be given guidance and direction to our many high quality facillties. they range from a herbal steam bath, infrared sauna, swimming pool with jacuzzi and also a mini fitness gym should a work out be required.

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Detox & you

Our cleansing detox mechanism works best in the perfect surrounding of peaceful Koh Chang

The healing mechanism is based on the fasting principles of Dr.Richard Anderson, an alternative doctor from Nevada, USA. It starts once we stop eating and digesting.Our bodies switch to DETOXIFICATION MODE and remove parasites, toxins and potentially cancerous cells! This waste material is then dumped into the bloodstream for excretion through the Liver, Colon, lungs and skin. Incidentally, you will be taking so many detoxifying drinks, cleansing herbs & nutritional herbs you will not get physically hungry at all !

Apart from detox, we offer well-rounded wellness and weight loss retreat under the supervision of professional nutritionist and sport class instructors.
It's time to pay your body, mind and spirit back what they deserve !

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Not only good for physical exercise but also emotional healing and helping us find our inner peace.

Enjoy yoga with us in an open air facility with peaceful greenery and tranquil environment. The Spa can provide either Yoga facility only in case that the group is supervised by their own Yoga instructor, or our Yoga master is pleased to give you instruction according to your need. Our yoga hall is ready for all sorts of retreat and practice.
Detox and Health Spa Retreat - Koh Chang Thailand

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Detox Thailand and Yoga Retreat – Spa Holiday Koh Chang

Detox in style at The Spa Koh Chang Resort & Health retreat in Thailand:

The Spa Koh Chang Resort is the first health destination on the Island and is located on the peaceful side of Koh Chang. The famous Fasting for Cleansing Program is based on the principles of Dr.Richard Anderson, an alternative doctor from Nevada U.S.A. ( With many years of experience between the team we have here, we are certain that our place is suitable for all health-concerning people who need to revitalize their body, mind, and spirit or partake in one of our Detox programs to rid the body of any unwanted inpurities and toxins. With some supportive activities onsite such as massage therapy by well-trained therapists, herbal steam baths, a far-infrared sauna, sea-salt treated swimming pool, and a daily yoga class, we are more than competent to make your stay a well-rounded healthy holiday. Healthy vegetarian and vegan food and fruit juices from our famous Radiance restaurant and the green environment of the resort will make your detoxification process more comfortable and easier at the same time as being efficient.

Detox Retreat:

We offer several detox packages, differentiated by its length of the program, intensity and expected result. Three main programs are (a) 3.5 Days Semi Fast (b) 7 Days Clean Me Out Fasting Program (c) 7 Days Anti-Candida Fasting Program
To determine which program or package is the best for you, we have well-trained reservation staffs to offer you information about each program needed for making decision for your detox and wellness retreat holiday with us. We provide several supportive activities onsite such as massage and spa treatment performed by well-trained therapists. We ensure to deliver one of the best massage in Koh Chang. The spa treatment goes along very well with relaxing herbal steam bath and far infrared sauna. More over exercise classes such as yoga and meditation are offering a chance to be active during your stay. We are more than competent to make your detox retreat holiday a well-rounded and healthy one. Healthy vegetarian and vegan food and fruit juices from our famous Radiance restaurant and the green environment of the resort will make your detoxification process more comfortable and easier at the same time as being very efficient.

Daily Yoga Class in Koh Chang, Thailand

We are one of a few, if not the only, places offer regular yoga class; Our morning session begins at 08.00 am until 10.00 am.

We offer 6 days/week. Please contact us before for the availability.

08.00 -08.30 am : Mediation Class

08.45 – 10.00 am: Yoga Class

Cost: 450 Baht/person/class

Yoga Retreat Thailand:

Everything is built around your relaxation and enjoyment. You can meditate, begin or improve a yoga practice (Yoga retreat), and eat healthily all day. Get a massage or sauna. Walk into the hills or float in the pools. Enjoy the views and get in touch with the Thai culture. The good combination of all surrounding environments and activities make this Yoga Retreat Thailand a special holiday for your body and inner mind. This all-inclusive yoga retreat allows you to fully enjoy your vacation in every aspect.

There are two choices (a) One Week Yoga Retreat  (b) Two Weeks Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat Thailand and Yoga Training Facility Hosting :

The Yoga hall is well fitted for 30+ members of a full yoga retreat group or yoga teacher training group. As well as enjoying the Yoga course one will still be able to appreciate the comfortable accommodations, healthy cuisine of vegetarian or vegan foods, swimming pool, and many green activities around the resort. The quiet and peaceful environment will ensure that your retreat will be the perfect foundation for inner development.

Detox Thailand and Yoga Retreat Thailand – The Spa Holiday Koh Chang