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4N5D Better New Life

฿ 14,500 / person

In this package, the 3.5-day fasting detox program is added with all support activities needed for helping you complete your quest for good health e.g. morning yoga session, massage and spa treatment, etc. 

What are included

  • 3.5 Days Semi-Fast Detox Program 

  • 3 Times of Morning Yoga Classes

  • 3 Times of Abdominal Detox Massage

  • 3 Times of Herbal Steam Bath or Far-Infrared Sauna

  • 3 Times of 60 minute Traditional Thai or Aromatic Oil Massage

  • Alkaline Forming Food Coupon (600B)

  • Wooden boat in Salak Kok bay and resort excursion (option: ask for availability)

  • Round trip transfer: Ferry Pier/Resort


3.5 Days Semi-Fast Detox Program includes;​

  • Detox program introduction

  • Instruction on  setting up colon cleanse  session

  • Daily intestinal cleansers & herbal nutrition (20 caps per day) 

  • Daily 3 specially-prepared detox drinks 

  • Daily 1 flora grow pro-biotic capsule  

  • Daily 1 colon cleansing using our “colema board” enema system (self-administration) 

  • Daily: liver flush drink, 2 veggie broth soups, 1 carrot juice & 1 coconut water 

  • Your own personal colema tip + lubricating gel

  • A special replacement lactobacteria implant enema to break the fast 

  • 2 flora grow lactobacteria/acidophilus drinks to assist in breaking the fast 

  • Some natural herbal laxative tea (only take if needed 2nd Day after the fast) 

  • Alkaline water for increasing body pH before and during the fast 

  • Electrolyte water for electrolyte replacement 

* the price is for the program only, no accommodation included

** minimum stay: 4 nights

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Other similar packages...

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