Detox Retreat

The Best Detox Retreat in Koh Chang Thailand

The Spa Koh Chang Resort is the first health destination on the Island. We are located on the peaceful eastern side of Koh Chang, which is the perfect place for a quiet and healthy holidays of yours. With many years of experience, we are specializing in our detoxification program, which detox retreat is offered all year round on individual and group basis.

Detox Retreat

The famous Fasting for Cleansing Program is based on the principles of The Spa Resorts Group With many years of experience between the team, we are certain that our place is suitable for all health-concerning people. We are best suited to those who need to revitalize their body, mind, and spirit by taking part in one of our Detox programs. The ultimate goal is not only to rid the body of any unwanted impurities and toxins, but also to develop the state of mind to another level.


We offer several detox packages, differentiated by its length of the program, intensity and expected result. Three main programs are

  1. 3.5 Days Semi Fast
  2. 7 Days Clean Me Out Fasting Program
  3. 7 Days Anti-Candida Fasting Program

To determine which program or package is the best for you, we have well-trained reservation staffs to offer you information about each program needed for making decision for your detox and wellness retreat holiday with us. We provide several supportive activities onsite such as massage and spa treatment performed by well-trained therapists. We ensure to deliver one of the best massage in Koh Chang. The spa treatment goes along very well with relaxing herbal steam bath and far infrared sauna. More over exercise classes such as yoga and mediation are offering a chance to be active during your stay. We are more than competent to make your detox retreat holiday a well-rounded and healthy one. Healthy vegetarian and vegan food and fruit juices from our famous Radiance restaurant and the green environment of the resort will make your detoxification process more comfortable and easier at the same time as being very efficient.

(1) 3.5 Days Semi Fasting Detox Program

An introductory fasting detox program for those who have less time. The minimum of 4 nights is required although we recommend for 5-6 nights for pre-cleanse and post-cleanse meals at our Radiance Restaurant.

What’s included in the program: (No Accommodation Included, please book separately)

  • Detox Package and Fasting Program Introduction
  • Dr.Jensen’s Video on Cleansing and Nutrition
  • Instruction on how to do a colema board colon cleanse
  • Daily intestinal cleansers & herbal nutrition (20 caps per day)
  • Daily 3 specially prepared Detox drinks consisting of Bentonite Clay and Psyllium Husk
  • Daily 1 flora grow pro-biotic capsule
  • Daily 1 colon cleansing using our “colema board” enema system (self-administration)
  • Daily: 2 liver flush drinks, 2 veggie broth soups, 1 carrot juice & 1 coconut water
  • Your own personal colema tip + lubricating gel
  • A special replacement lactobacteria implant enema to break the fast
  • 2 flora grow lactobacteria/acidophilus drinks also to assist breaking the fast
  • Some natural herbal laxative tea (only take if needed 2nd Days after the fast)
  • Filtered drinking water in colema center
  • Alkaline water for increasing body pH before and during the fast
  • Electrolyte water for electrolyte replacement
  • A complimentary herbal steam bath to take whenever you want

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 (2) 7 Days Clean Me Out Fasting Detox Program

The Full fasting program for the most effective cleansing. The ultimate cleansing & rejuvenation of your entire system for The Spa ‘s first timers!

What’s included in the program: (No accommodation included, please book separately)

  • video programs on cleansing & nutrition
  • daily meditation 08.00-08.30 am subject to Instructor availability
  • intestinal cleansers & herbal nutrition tablets taken 5 times per day (30 tablets)
  • 5 specially prepared Detox drinks daily
  • 1 flora grow capsule daily
  • twice daily colon cleansing using our colema board enema system (self-administration)
  • your own personal colema tip + lubricating gel
  • a special replacement lactobacteria/acidophilus implant enema to break the fast
  • 2 flora grow lactobacteria/acidophilus drinks also to assist breaking the fast
  • some natural herbal laxative tea (only take if needed 2nd Day after the fast)
  • filtered water for drinking, electrolyte water for electrolyte replacement, alkaline water for increasing body pH before and during the fast
  • a complimentary steam bath on arrival or to take whenever you wish.

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(3) 7 Days Anti-Candida Fasting Detox Program

The ultimate Kick-Start to overcoming Candida & rebalancing your entire system, the Anti-Candida Cleanse is a 7 day program.

What’s included in the program: (No accommodation included, please book separately)

  • Introduction to the Spa & how to start the fast VDO.
  • Assistance & other needed fasting advice when required.
  • Daily Meditation 08.00-08.30 am (subject to Instructor availability)
  • Intestinal cleansers & Herbal nutrition capsules to be taken 5 times per day
  • 5 specially-prepared Candida Detox drinks daily
  • 1 small bottle of Herbal Candida drink daily
  • 1 Green Anti Candida Drink daily
  • 2 flora grow capsules daily
  • Twice daily colon cleansing (1 coffee, 1 Garlic) using our colema board enema system (self-adminstration)
  • Your own personal colema tip + lubricating gel
  • A special replacement lactobacteria/acidophilus implant enema to break the fast.
  • 2 Flora Grow lactobacteria/acidophilus drinks also to assist breaking the fast
  • Natural laxative herbal tea (only take if needed 2nd Day after the fast)
  • Filtered water and Alkaline Water in the Colema Center for drinking.
  • A complimentary steam bath on arrival or to take whenever you wish.

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All About Fasting Detox

Choosing the right Fasting Detox Cleanse course for YOU!

Please take your time to read the details below on all of our different fasting detox programs we are currently running at The Spa resort in Koh Chang.

Each course has been carefully put together by specialists and will be working with your body to eliminate all the bad toxins, parasites and cancerous cells from one’s system.

If you are still unsure which package suits your needs after going through the details presented on this page then please dont hesitate to pick up the phone and get in touch as we will be very happy to help you find the right course for YOU!

How Does It Work ?


These fasting detox programs work as a healing mechanism. They start working at full potential after 24-36 hours without the intake of food. The healing mechanism works best when we stop ingeseting, digesting and metabolizing food.
Our body switches from digestive mode to DETOXIFICATION MODE and start removing parasites, toxins and potentially cancerous cells! This waste material is then dumped into the bloodstream for excretion through the liver, colon, lungs and skin. The fatigue and dizziness can be experienced during the first 3 or 4 days. These symptoms are entirely due to the presence of these toxins and other waste material waiting to be excreted, NOT to the lack of food.
(Incidentally, you will be taking detox drinks, cleansing herbs & nutritional herbs and several other supportive drinks during the program. Thus, you will never get physically hungry at all !

These programs will remove large amounts of toxin and waste materials from your system. And they also promote the loss of putrefied matter and fat! This will enable your body to begin to RE-BUILD and REJUVENATE, thus giving you more vitality and help PREVENT further illness. Learn to follow the “Five Habit System” of cleansing, breathing properly, food combining, exercise, meditation & peacefulness.

Each principle works simultaneously to make your life “HEALTHIER” and “HAPPIER”.

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Pre-Cleansing from Home

We do advise you to prepare yourself before fasting by doing a Pre-cleanse.

The idea is to make your body formed as much alkalinity as possible so that during the detox program, the impact on body’s reaction (healing crisis) becomes less apparent. This involves eating mostly raw foods (salads & fruits), lots of vegetables & drinking plenty of water. Plus, drinking Liver Flush Drinks twice/day will be a lot helpful (AM & PM). The so-called Alkaline-forming foods are for examples, all fresh fruits, raw vegetables & juices, salad greens, sprouts, apple cider vinegar, dates, dried apricot, dried fig, grapefruit, melon, raisin, millet, molasses, lima beans and lentils. Drink plenty of vegetable & fruit juices and pure water is the best option for a pre-cleanse.

Avoid heavy proteins, refined white flour and sugar & other highly processed foods as well as coffee, alcohol & soft drinks. These kinds of food would generate more acidity into your body and it will give you a tougher time during the fast.

To book the accommodation, please try to allow a few days for preparing on pre-cleanse, and also a few days after the cleanse to break the fast properly.The preparation stage built up for fasting is as important as coming out. A gentle re-introduction of food to the body is worth taking a good care of. You can figure 3-5 days of the fruit/vegetable diet and taking special replacement lactobacteria.For those who have limited time, taking the pre-cleanse instruction seriously is very recommended and you can start it from home.

The smart thing to do is some pre-cleansing (2-3days or up to 1 month depending on the individual) prior to arrival here !

The Liver Flush recipe (1 glass)

  1. Extra virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon
  2. Fresh lemon or lime juice 2 teaspoons
  3. Garlic 1 clove
  4. Ginger 1 slice (1 cm thick)
  5. Cayenne Pepper 1/2 teaspoon
  6. Pineapple or Orange Juice 150 ml

How to make: Put all ingredients into the blender. Blend it well and enjoy ! 😀

Detox Green Drink

The Seven Day “Clean-me-out” Program

Toxemia (systemic poisoning) is perhaps the most pervasive condition that plagues modern civilization. Never before in history has mankind been exposed to such an array of toxins present in food, air, water and electromagnetic pollution.The physical effects such toxins have are evidenced in the rampant and growing number of degenerative and autoimmune diseases. The incidence of ill-health, disease and the number of individuals suffering from allergies has reached an all time high.We have observed this dramatic decline in health over the last 50+ years.

Our experience has demonstrated that vibrant health can be regained through fasting detox, colon cleansing, and monitoring of the diet.The best results are achieved when following Seven Day “Clean-me-out” Cleansing Program. The products we use integrate Nature’s requirements for healing a clean and properly nourished bloodstream. We know you will experience tremendous results on this program. It will assist in achieving a thorough cleansing of the bloodstream, which is imperative if true, vibrant health is to be achieved.

The Anti-Candida Cleanse

is specifically designed fasting detox program to help people who are suffering from a Candida imbalance. This 7 day cleanse can make quite an impact on the Candida population living in your body & very effectively start the process of returning it to good health. You will, however, have to continue clearing out & rebalancing your body, for a period of time afterwards

Understanding Candidiasis
Jem Friar N.C.

What it is
Candida albicans is a yeast, which is normally found in as. However, candida becomes a serious problem when it is not balanced or controlled by the friendly bacteria. When this occurs, not only does it take over the digestive tract, but it converts into an aggressive fungus, which buries through the intestinal wall & can then live throughout the body! In this way it becomes Systemic Candidiasis. At this stage people often develop sensitivities to milk products, wheat & yeast, as well. Systemic Candidiasis can be very frustrating, tiring & debilitating in its own right. (Candida is known to release up to 79 toxins different toxins). However, if not dealt with, the constant challenge to your immune system, can eventually lead to further more debilitating illnesses, such as Chronic Fatigue.

Antibiotic overuse (or consumption of antibiotics through eating non organic meat products); Diets high in refined carbohydrates (especially Sugar); Use of Steroids; oral contraceptives; stimulants; alcohol; stress; lowered immune system.


Possible Symptoms Include:

Abdominal bloating; wind; altered bowel habit; irritable bowel – recurrent diarrhoea or constipation; anal & vulval itch; sugar cravings; brain fog, mental depression, poor concentration & poor short term memory; lethargy & fatigue; food intolerances; canker sores or white spots in the mouth; wheat & milk allergy/sensitivity; recurrent fungal skin conditions e.g. athletes foot; tiredness (especially 20-30 minutes after meals with sugar/ bread/ alcohol/ yeast).

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to verify whether someone has systemic candidiasis, through traditional testing methods. Probably the most accurate test is a urine test for organic acids, but it is very expensive. The ethanol test & the hydrogen breath test can also be useful, but again may be expensive. One of the most simple & accurate tests, however, is the Candida questionnaire. This can be fairly indicative of the degree to which you may or may not be suffering from a Candida overgrowth.

What to do about it after the Anti-Candida Cleanse
To clear the body of excess candida, you must approach it from the following 5 directions:  Diet Nutritional Supplements Anti Fungal Supplements Pro Biotics Supplements Intestinal Healing Supplements

A Complete Anti Candida program should include all 5 of these approaches, to fully clear the body of a candida overgrowth. It is advisable to see a naturopath, to help with this.

Questions and Answers

Why Seven Days?

Fasting allows the body to concentrate its resources on thorough healing. For seven days you eat no solid food. This may sound severe, but you will be consuming cleansing and nourishing products that help detoxify and supplement the body. Make no mistake – this is not an herb based program which can dehydrate and have an over-stimulating effect on the body.

These products may be used regularly, on a daily basis as well as on the Seven Day Cleansing Program. Thankfully it takes only a small fraction of the time to regain your health than it did to destroy it. Thanks to the rule of 7 (seven). Nature operates under the Rule of Seven. She uses units of Seven in many ways: Take note: The moon completes the cycle in 28 days from Full Moon to Full Moon. A woman’s menstrual cycle is 28 days.

A baby’s gestation period is 280 days (approximately 9 months) Chicken eggs hatch in 21 days. Most ducks hatch in 35 days. So, also with the human body: It takes 7 days to Cleanse the Bloodstream. It takes 7 weeks to Cleanse the Lymph glands. It takes 7 months to Cleanse the Glandular system. It takes 7 years to change all the molecules of the body.

With the above in mind, by doing the Cleansing Program with Natural Products and the Colema Board, it takes 7 days to clean the blood stream and the colon. Then if the individual repeats the Cleansing Program they will begin the recuperation with excellent results within the first 7 weeks and get their best results in 7 months. By that time you should have built up your vitality back to a very desirable state. But, if you have changed your eating habits by eliminating all sugars, corn syrup, glucose, fructose (except maple syrup, honey and molasses, sparingly) and are consuming a minimum of 60% RAW food, then, you will have a positive long term reaction.

I don’t think I can do Seven Days without eating…

Many people think they cannot live without eating for 7 days, but you will not die if you do not eat for that time. In fact, all throughout history of mankind, food has been a fairly scarce commodity – so that man lived in a state of either feast or famine. Compare that to what has happened in only the last 100 years when food has become so abundant. People eat three meals a day and snack between meals. So it has only been in the last century that we have had such a plentiful supply of food. Keep in mind, however, you are “cleansing”, not “fasting” – meaning that you are taking nutritional supplementation during the program that help support the bloodstream to nourish the cells of the body. These supplements do not require a lot of digestion and, therefore, do not interrupt the cleansing process. If you truly feel that you cannot possibly last the full 7 days, you can start out slowly by trying our 3 ½ day semi-cleanse program. When you feel comfortable that you can go without food for 3 days, you can then add on extra days.

I’m concerned about LOSING too much WEIGHT on The Cleanse.

Most people find that their weight stabilizes quite nicely after a cleanse. How much WEIGHT do most people lose after fasting/cleansing for 7days? The average weight loss is about 3~5 kilo’s. (3 ½ day SEMI-FAST about 1~3kg’s)

What’s in the HERBS I’m taking during the cleanse ?

All of the herbs given are in a Vegetarian capsule – not Gelatine. The INTESTINAL CLEANSERS contain: Plaintain, Cascara Sagrada, Barberry, Peppermint, Sheep Sorrel, Fennel, Ginger, Myrrh Gum, Red Raspberry, Rhubarb, Golden Seal & Lobellia. The HERBAL NUTRITION contain: Alfalfa, Dandelion, Chickweed, Marshmellow Root, Yellow Dock, Rosehips, Hawthorne, Licorice root & Irish Moss.

The FLORA GROW contains: BifidoBacterium: Infantis/Bifidum/Longum Lactobacillius: Acidophilous DDS-1/Casei/Plantarum(Other ingredients all Vegetarian: Maltodextrin, Frutooligosacchrides, Lemon grass, Methyl Cellulose)


Remember, it took you years to build up all the toxins, mucous and debris in your body. You can’t expect in one or two weeks to get you completely cleaned out. There are certain plateau points that are reached in your results. So you may eliminate a lot of material for a few days during the cleanse and not eliminate any more for the remaining few days. This is normal, because most people will clean out the colon in stages. Once one blockage is passed, it may take time to loosen and expel the next blockage. There is no hard-and-fast rule as to when you have fully cleaned out your colon. It will be different for each person. Signs that show you are getting close include the ability to take water all the way over to the right side of the body with ease (when doing a colema), the absence of kinked or twisted fecal matter, and successive cleanses (3-5 in succession) that produce little or no good results. Furthermore, you will feel different. Your energy will increase, you will require less sleep, you will be free of all aches, pains, allergies, and other ailments; your skin will be a young, healthy color; and you will feel young again!. In a clean body and a properly cleaned and nourished bloodstream, these types of symptoms do not present themselves. Also, you may go on 2 or 3 successive cleansing programs and pass no more of the mucous and plaque. But, be aware, that the mucous is constantly created when we eat foods such as: refined flours and sugar, processed foods, foods that contain natural toxins, and bad food combinations (i.e. mixing starches and proteins at the same meal). Realize, though, that if you continue to disobey Nature’s Laws of food combining and eating natural, unprocessed foods, the mucous will be created and will build up again. Raw foods in proper combinations is the best way to ensure health during the cleansing process and after you are fully cleaned out.

Will this program get rid of PARASITES ?

While this program is not specifically designed as a parasite cleanse, many people experience the removal of parasites from their bodies. Parasites and the harmful bacteria that are in a dirty colon live in the old mucous lining and retained fecal matter. When this debris is washed and eliminated from the body, the parasites and bacteria will be washed out.

Can I take the liver, kidney or parasite products while on the Cleanse Program?

No, this is not at all recommended. It is much better to let the cleanse prepare your body for working with these products after you cleanse. You can do the Parasite ‘Zapper’ whilst on the fast.

Wellness Retreat

When your body shows signs of excessive stress from long and continuous work with your rush lifestyle, you may need some time to give yourself a well-deserved reward. A perfect relaxation within a green natural surrounding, together with a nature-based accommodation and resort facilities, will be a good way to revitalize your body and mind. We offer a wide range of wellness retreat & program starting from one day to one week or more. Please check out our program and packages. With these packages, you may stay with us in our cozy accommodation or visit during the day in case that you are staying somewhere else.

Daily Wellness Retreat:

Make your day a perfect day ! Full of action, this program includes exercise such as yoga, healthy and delicious food meals and relaxing spa treatment and massage.

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6 Days Juice It Retreat:

A mild cleansing program with easy procedure, it also works as a diet controlled program for those who do not wish to fast completely.

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8 Days Raw Food Delight:

Learn to cook Spa dishes ! You can focus only on raw food menu, which is very popular for our Radiance Restaurant or learn to cook other healthy dishes, both in Thai and international style. We offer a wide range of menu to choose.

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Special Green Adventure :

For adventure lovers, this is the best way to explore Koh Chang and be active during your holiday. The program includes hiking, elephant trekking, ziplining etc. The program comes with food and other supportive activities from The Spa.

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Yoga Retreat:

Ideal Holiday for yoga lovers ! We offer one or two week yoga retreat for you to focus and develop on your practice to another lever. Special one-on-one class with our instructor makes it easier for you to point our your interest and develop on certain area of your practice. Meals and coupon for massage and spa treatment are also included.

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Weight Loss Retreat

A Kick Start for a Desirable Body and Life

The program is designed to assist those who would like to have a kickstart in losing excess weight. The program itself does not serve as the final answer for perfect body and health. What comes after the program is also a very important element. Eating and living lifestyle after the program is a major determinant for how your body, weight and overall health condition will be. Factors such as healthy diet, enough exercise and rest are actually what is telling you how healthy and happy you will become. Joining our program will, however give you an idea for how to be healthy and happy from the living philosophy of The SPA Resorts.

Weight Loss program

What’s in the program and how does it work ?

A Choice of Fasting for Cleansing Detox :The participant will be joining the 3.5 days Semi-fast which is juice fasting with once-a-day colonic irrigation. The main purpose of fasting is for the body to get rid of the stored toxin that could be the cause of your body weight gain and prevent you from losing it. The nature of fasting program makes it easier to reduce the excess weight because by fasting, the participants will not be taking any solid food. Daily intakes are detox drinks, herbal supplement and sugar-controlled fruits and vegetable juices/soup.  Losing some weight is therefore a side benefits of the program. How much a person will lose cannot be guaranteed. Various factors are needed to be considered such as a person’s initial weight, body mass index, exercising etc.

During the fasting for cleansing period (lower energy level), slow and soft exercises or activities are encouraged, for example yoga and meditation, slow walk, steam bathing or infrared sauna. The benefit of these activities is not only for the calorie burning, but also for getting rid of the toxin through perspiration.

Then the participant will be on a diet-controlled program (eating fruits and vegetables both raw and cooked) together with a little more intense exercise such as kayaking, cycling, and jogging. For food control after the fast, we have a special selection of menu for you to choose for daily intake.

Throughout the course, sessions of anti-cellulite massage treatment will be spread evenly. The masseuse applies a special technique of massage with the help of anti-cellulite massage machine and special cellulite cream/oil to help you get rid of the excess cellulite from particular body parts such as thigh, stomach, and arms.

The daily exercise  and anti-cellulite treatment will be scheduled with our staff once you arrive here with us, for the convenience of both parties.

Weight Loss Diet