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A Tranquil Resort for

A Perfect Getaway

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The Spa Koh Chang Resort 

The First and Only Wellness & Detox Resort

with Yoga Facilities in Koh Chang, Thailand

A spa resort created with passion in the most idyllic location you could find

It's time to give your body, mind, and spirit back what they deserve!

The Spa Koh Chang Resort has been a destination spa for over 15 years. Our knowledge and experiences could support you for detoxing your bodies and mind, not only with the well known fasting for Cleansing program based on Dr. Richard Anderson principle and processes together with our effective herbal supplements for intestinal cleansing and liver booster (Certified by FDA Thailand) but also many others supportive activities such as yoga and meditation, herbal steam bath, massage therapy, and our healthy and specially-crafted diets.

Our cleansing detox mechanism works best in the perfect surrounding of peaceful Koh Chang. The healing mechanism is based on the fasting principles of Dr.Richard Anderson, an alternative doctor from Nevada, USA. It starts once we stop eating and digesting. Our bodies switch to DETOXIFICATION MODE and remove parasites, toxins, and potentially cancerous cells! This waste material is then dumped into the bloodstream for excretion through the liver, colon, lungs, and skin. Incidentally, you will be taking so many detoxifying drinks, cleansing herbs & nutritional herbs that you will not get physically hungry at all! 

We offer several detox packages, differentiated by the length of the program, intensity, and expected results. Three main programs are 


​- Mild Cleansing, Non-fasting Program 

- 3.5 Days Semi Fast

- 7 Days Clean Me Out Fasting Program

- 7 Days Anti-Candida Fasting Program

To determine which program or package is the best for you, we have well-trained reservation staffs to offer you information about each program needed for making the decision for your detox and wellness retreat. We provide several supportive activities onsite such as massage and spa treatment performed by experienced therapists, ensuring to deliver one of the best massages in Koh Chang. The spa treatment goes along very well with a relaxing herbal steam bath and far infrared sauna. Moreover, exercise classes such as yoga and meditation are offering a chance to be active during your stay. The Spa Koh Chang Resort is more than competent to make your detox retreat holiday a well-rounded and healthy one. Tasty vegetarian and vegan food and fruit juices from our famous Radiance restaurant and the green environment of the resort will make your detox and wellness retreat more comfortable and easier at the same time as being very efficient.



Our villa cottages and rooms are well-designed in a natural, tropical style. In these natural surroundings, this will make you feel like paradise in the wild.


 "Our Radiance Restaurant is famous for the best vegetarian, vegan raw and other healthy options on Koh Chang. Our selection of dishes has been designed according to the concept of a well-balanced diet from Alkaline-forming food. We believe this concept is one of the best disease prevention for human’s body.

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You will love our facilities, we deliver everything you need to reach optimum pleasure, relaxation, and health. From our reception area, you will be given guidance and direction to our facilities, ranging from a herbal steam bath, infrared sauna, swimming pool with Jacuzzi and also a mini fitness gym should a work out be required.


Our well-experienced therapists will give you the most preferable spa treatment to full fill your relaxing time especially while the fasting for the cleansing period. Massage therapy, herbal team bath or far infrared sauna will help to remove more toxin and reboot your immune up. 

health wellness retreat and spa treatment in Koh Chang, Thailand
Fruit juice fasting cleanse


Detox Your Body & Mind

The First and Only Detox and Yoga Retreat in Koh Chang, Thailand

Our famous detox program is based on the fasting principles of Dr.Richard Anderson, an alternative doctor from Nevada, USA. It starts once we stop eating and digesting. Our bodies switch to DETOXIFICATION MODE and remove parasites, toxins and potentially cancerous cells! from the body....


Book Your Own Yoga Retreat

We offer the best facilities for your perfect yoga holiday in Thailand. With the yoga facilities and all supportive environment, you can join our daily yoga and meditation class or create your own private yoga retreat holiday.

Our routine yoga class  set up every morning 8.00 am for meditation  class, then 8.45 - 10.00 am for yoga class cost 450 baht/person/session


And for yoga teacher or studio, we are specialized for setting up a yoga group retreat or the yoga teachers training course in our paradise resort, providing rooms, yoga halls, equipment, food and beverage, etc. 

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Activities around The Spa Koh Chang Resort, snorkeling, elephant riding, ziplining, eco-friendly community tour

Fun Around & Around

While staying with us you can enjoy travelling around Koh Chang in both terms of free offered excursion around the spa or buying  a day trip package or even joining a retreat package which some trips are included.

We always offer free trip to White Sand beach in every Monday leave the spa at noon and return trip will leave white sand beach at 3 pm.


Find us on

Left side of Koh Chang

Our The Spa Koh Chang Resort is located on the serene quiet greenery part of Koh Chang, 18 Kms left hand side from Koh Chang ferry pier at Salak kok bay

Call us when  you reach the pier, our spa taxi will meet you there and transfer you to the spa.

Health resort an spa retreat in eastern koh chang